Sunday, February 2, 2014

TWO Books (2) MAKING a DIFFERENCE for Culturally Diverse Gifted Students!!!

Last month I promised that I would feature programs and people who are MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the lives of culturally diverse students. There are many. Scholars, Parents/Family Members, Policymakers, Teachers, Community Leaders who work hard everyday trying to open new doors for gifted children for whom access has been limited. 

We recognize ALL of these people and APPLAUD your work. There are so many books and programs that are available and are beginning to improve access & equity for diverse gifted learners. In the coming weeks, I will seek out stories of special programs to share via this blog. Your recommendations are appreciated!! 

This blog features two books that are truly MAKING A DIFFERENCE for diverse gifted students. 

#1- Retaining & Recruiting Culturally Different Students in Gifted Education  by Dr. Donna Y. Ford. This phenomenal book has recently been recognized by the nation's premier Civil Rights organization - the NAACP as it has been nominated for a prestigious 2014 NAACP IMAGE AWARD in the Literary Arts/Instructional category. This nomination is remarkable in that it places Dr. Ford's work in a Literary category that seldom recognizes the scholarly work of educational researchers. What is critical about Dr. Ford's nomination is that because of her work, a much wider audience of families, educators, philanthropists, policy makers, governmental officials, and civil right advocates will recognize (some for the first time) the critical problem of UNDER-REPRESENTATION OF BLACK & BROWN GIFTED CHILDREN IN GIFTED EDUCATION AND ADVANCED LEARNER PROGRAMS NATIONWIDE!!

See the link below to locate this book on Amazon.


#2- Young, Triumphant & Black: Overcoming the Tyranny of Segregated Minds in Desegregated Schools by Drs. Tarek Grantham, Michelle Frazier Trotman Scott, and Deborah Harmon. This trio of scholars has devoted their careers to examining the challenges of being young, gifted & black across a wide variety of publications, scholarly positions, and leadership roles. This unique book explores the experiences of African American students enrolled in predominately white schools where they are oftentimes looked upon as being 'less than' or 'not worthy' of being in gifted and advanced classrooms. While many know of these stories, very seldom do we hear the experiences from the 'voices' of the students. The book's chapters tell tragic, yet triumphant stories from the perspectives of the students and adults who work with them and their families. Highly recommended reading for educators, families, scholars, and policymakers. This book is clearly MAKING A DIFFERENCE for culturally diverse learners!! See the link below to locate this book on Amazon.


I encourage readers to share titles and descriptions of other books that you believe are also MAKING A DIFFERENCE for culturally diverse students by noting them below in a comment!! Your feedback and support of this blogspot is always appreciated!! Dr. Joy Lawson Davis