Sunday, August 27, 2017


This blog was started five years ago to draw attention to the egregious problem of underrepresentation in gifted education and advanced learner programs of children of color and those from low income communities. Over the years, thousands have read and shared the posts in many different venues. Nationally, we have seen a dramatic increase in the rise of research studies and district

programs publicized over national media outlets. There appears to be more interest and impassioned pleas from across the nation to do more for gifted students by providing equity and access to educational programs that they so rightly deserve. But, we here we are starting a new school year and it is my sense that there are still far too many teachers who don't believe in the true gifts that children of color may bring to the classroom so that when they are asked to refer students for evaluation, many will say what a primary school Title I teacher said to me many years ago during a professional development session mandated by the district "I don't know why you're here, there AIN'T no gifted kids in this school!"

That's right, a classroom teacher used 'ain't' in reference to her lack of belief in the ability of students that she was responsible for teaching and nurturing everyday. Horrendous!! 

This is a reminder as school starts again, for parents, grandparents, equity advocates, gifted education leaders who believe that giftedness truly knows no boundaries.. that in order to do our best for all students that we serve, we MUST ERADICATE UNDER-REPRESENTATION, INEQUITIES, LACK OF ACCESS, LOW EXPECTATIONS  for gifted children of color, rural, urban, low income students nationwide!! 

Each of us has a chance this year to do something that has not happened before to increase access & equity in our schools by believing in giftedness across all communities. By believing in that inquisitive little boy who asks so many critical questions, that girl who has a arts design sense that defys her age, the robotics whiz that happened to 'show up' one day after only a few weeks in the after school program. We must believe and move EVERY OBSTACLE that stands in the way of equity and access to advanced learner programs that challenge and provide a 'good fit' for gifted learners no matter what package they come in. 

I am here as a equity advocate and I know many many of you who believe what I believe. Let me know if I can assist you any way as you this new school year.