Sunday, April 15, 2012

Launching WE ARE GIFTED 2!!

Join me as we discuss the needs of gifted learners from who are often overlooked, disregarded and cast to the side in the general stream of conversation about gifted children, youth and adults. Their needs are similar yet in many ways different, they originate from every community: inner cities, barrios, small & large neighborhoods, rural communities, reservations. These students come from every income level.

I want to help you have access to publicly-funded gifted education services that exist throughout this nation and to help you advocate alongside other educators and families for increased attention to the intellectual, affective and career needs of ALL high ability learners.
Here we will share resources- have conversations, and I will answer your questions. I'm committed to this cause and I want you to join me!

With all of the attention on standards, educational reform, accountability, we need every voice in America- parents, extended families, educators, community leaders, faith leaders, to ensure that students whose minds and energies we will depend on in the future are not overlooked!!

Join me!!

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